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Funds & Events

Every gift is important. Gifts allow the school to nurture and sustain the qualities that set Ecole Bilingue de Berkeley apart. Thanks to all parents for supporting Ecole Bilingue!

Like all independent schools in the country, EB relies on fundraising as a crucial component of its operating budget. Parents’ contributions allow the school to provide the best experience possible for its students.

Annual Giving

Every year, all members of the community are asked to make a contribution to EB’s Annual Fund, the school’s most important and largest fundraising activity. The Annual Fund is essential because it:
  • raises necessary funds for the operation of the school
  • helps retain gifted faculty
  • provides innovative technology tools for the classrooms
  • creates out-of-the-classroom experiences throughout the year
  • funds need-based scholarships to ensure the school’s socio-economic diversity
As the second-largest source of revenue after tuition, the Annual Fund is the cornerstone of the fundraising program. It represents approximately 3% of the total operating budget, a percentage we count on every year to meet the school’s costs. The Annual Fund supports many aspects of the school, but at its heart it allows EB to continually invest in its programs, staff, and ultimately children.
Find out more about the Annual Fund in the FAQ section.

Student Run-a-thon

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  • March

    This fundraiser gets students involved at every grade level and promotes a healthy lifestyle for students and families. Parents can cheer on their children as they run/walk/skip/jump their way around the course!


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  • April

    After the Annual Fund, the EB Gala is the second-largest source of fundraising revenue for the school. More than just a great party, the gala event supports current-year operations while also celebrating the dynamic community and building stronger connections between families and friends.

    Fundraising events like this one provide ways in which everyone can participate—as an attendee, a donor, a supporter, or a volunteer. The 2018 Gala celebrated the school's 40th anniversary and raised $103,000. 

Special Funds

EB has several funds that do not contribute to EB’s annual operating revenues. Instead, they are designed to address specific concerns or to support the long-term economic well-being of the school.

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  • Fund for the Future

    Every year during the gala, there is a special Fund for the Future dedicated to a raising funds for a specific need for the school. Past funds have contributed to financial aid, teacher professional development, performing arts, balanced literacy and STEAM programs, and to the expansion of our outdoor playground.
  • The Field Mithoefer Memorial Financial Aid Fund

    This fund is used to assist current families who encounter unanticipated financial difficulties. The funds supplement and enhance more significant financial aid programs that are a part of the school’s annual operating budgets.
  • The Jeannette Rouger Professional Development Fund

    Created in 2008 in honor of EB’s first Head of School, this fund supports excellence in teaching by increasing opportunities for our teachers and staff to learn and grow in their profession. Teachers are at the heart of EB’s mission of excellence in bilingual education; their professional growth and development is the fuel that propels great teaching and learning.

Capital Campaigns

At critical points in the growth and development of the school, the Head of School and Board of Trustees will initiate a fundraising campaign necessary to strengthen our academic programs and improve facilities. These projects fall outside of the operating budget are are investments in the future of Ecole Bilingue.

Campaigns typically last 3-5 years: families will be asked to support 1-2 campaigns over the course of their time at EB. In 2014, EB completed its Campus Campaign, raising 2.8 million dollars for the expansion and renovation of the outdoor playground and learning environment.


EB has been blessed with generous donors who value the long-term sustainability and health of the school. These gifts make up EB’s Endowment, which is currently comprised of three separate funds.

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  • The Silver Jubilee Endowment Fund

    This fund was created in 2003 by one of EB’s founders in celebration of the school’s 25th anniversary. Since then the fund has grown through the generosity of founding families, alumni families, and additional donors. 
  • The EB Class Gift to the Endowment Fund

    In 2008, the idea of the class gift, dedicated to EB’s Endowment, was born. For the last eight years, the parents and students of the graduating class have continued this legacy, contributing generously to this fund. Every year, an alumni family offers a matching grant tied to student fundraising. The purpose of these two funds is to provide a source of permanent financial security for the school.
  • The Fund for Excellence

    Most recently, in 2015, an alumni family established the Fund for Excellence. Allocations from this fund will support specific expenses intended to enhance the educational experience of EB students. 
To make a gift to EB’s Endowment, please contact The Development Team at developmentteam@eb.org or 510-809-0605.

All Are Welcome! (Anti-Discriminatory Policy)

Ecole Bilingue de Berkeley does not exclude from participation in, deny the benefits of, or subject any individual to discrimination on the basis of race, color, and national origin. This policy applies to all programs, services, and facilities, including applications, admissions, and employment.